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 Post subject: Packet Spammer Codes
PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, 2012 6:42 pm 
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Joined: Sat Jun 23, 2012 6:07 pm
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Hey guys. Here's where Packet Spamming Codes go. If you have any, state them in a below comment, and I'll enlist them in this thread. If the Code you find had not originated from your findings, please give credits to the Founder. Thank you.

Also here's a tip :
It's going to be hard if you're searching for a specific code. Use Control + F , to find the text you need.

Sponzard Codes (Use in Battleon, try for private location if possible):

Boosts: (Doubles certain stat for 10 minutes. Can spam up to: Unknown to date)

%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%366% - Exp Boost
%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%365% - Gold Boost
%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%515% - Rep Boost
%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%516% - Class Points Boost

Potions from Sponzard: (To give you HP, MP (Save Gold not buying Reens's Potions), Improved Haste and Regeneration)

%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%362% - Golbrush (R) Lightbeam Elixir
%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%367% - Globrush Sparklebeam Elixir
%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%368% - Elixir of Haste
%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%369% - Elixir of Regeneration

Other Items from Sponzard: (Weapon and Helm)

%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%393% - Globrush (R) Guardian Guard (No need for Guardian in AQ)
%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%364% - Golbrush (R) Wand

Here are some Get Drop Packets. These do not make the item drop- They ACCEPT the item if it does drop. This is used when a player has set on a bot and can not accept the drop themselves.

%xt%zm%getDrop%163%4723% - Unidentified 10
%xt%zm%getDrop%147584%6136% - Gem of Nulgath
%xt%zm%getDrop%8%4770% - Dark Crystal Shard
%xt%zm%getDrop%175305%1172% - Escherion's Helm
%xt%zm%getDrop%254467%5356% - Essence of Nulgath
%xt%zm%getDrop%595891%5357% - Totem of Nulgath
%xt%zm%getDrop%8%4769% - Tainted Gem
%xt%zm%getDrop%191901%4708% - Cubes
%xt%zm%getDrop%281%8541% - Tortured Darkness Gem
%xt%zm%getDrop%281%8542% - Malignant Darkness Gem
%xt%zm%getDrop%281%8543% - Ultimate Darkness Gem
%xt%zm%getDrop%281%8540% - Necrotic Darkness Gem
%xt%zm%getDrop%174917%4960% - Tainted Soul
%xt%zm%getDrop%6%4771% - Diamonds of Nulgath
%xt%zm%getDrop%115861%4862% - Voucher of Nulgath (Non Member)
%xt%zm%getDrop%19457%4762% - Unidentified 13
%xt%zm%getDrop%141063%4861% - Voucher of Nulgath (Member)
%xt%zm%getDrop%61223%6521% - Legion Token
%xt%zm%getDrop%55467%10326% - Magenta Dye
%xt%zm%getDrop%55467%10325% - Fuchsia Dye
%xt%zm%getDrop%110157%8940% - Treasure Chest
%xt%zm%getDrop%683%9396% - Super Fan Swag Token D
%xt%zm%getDrop%683%9395% - Super Fan Swag Token C
%xt%zm%buyItem%15%9394%325% - Super Fan Swag Token B
%xt%zm%buyItem%15%9393%325% - Super Fan Swag Token A
%xt%zm%getDrop%232642%157% - Dark Hunger
%xt%zm%getDrop%262830%199% - Giant Protector Blade
%xt%zm%getDrop%262830%198% - Box Guardian Blade
%xt%zm%getDrop%62%10700% - Air Freed
%xt%zm%getDrop%20136%4660% - Hydra Scale
%xt%zm%getDrop%20011%4659% - Aracara's Fang
%xt%zm%getDrop%19935%4658% - Strand of Vath's Hair
%xt%zm%getDrop%19719%4657% - O-dokuro's Tooth
%xt%zm%getDrop%19573%2431% - Escherion's Chain
%xt%zm%getDrop%1674%8720% - Shiny Junked Junk
%xt%zm%getDrop%8%4713% - Unidentified 4
%xt%zm%getDrop%8%4818% - Unidentified 22
%xt%zm%getDrop%157%4716% - Unidentified 7
%xt%zm%getDrop%22%4714% - Unidentified 5
%xt%zm%getDrop%223555%4717% - Unidentified 8
%xt%zm%getDrop%82%8072% - 1st Betrayal Blade of Nulgath
%xt%zm%getDrop%110955%8071% - 2nd Betrayal Blade of Nulgath
%xt%zm%getDrop%82%8070% - 3rd Betrayal Blade of Nulgath
%xt%zm%getDrop%64528%8069% - 4th Betrayal Blade of Nulgath
%xt%zm%getDrop%135510%4820% - Unidentified 24
%xt%zm%getDrop%64528%4712% - Unidentified 3
%xt%zm%getDrop%64528%4829% - Unidentified 28
%xt%zm%getDrop%64528%4709% - Unidentified 2
%xt%zm%getDrop%64980%4856% - Unidentified 30
%xt%zm%getDrop%64980%4746% - Unidentified 12
%xt%zm%getDrop%65398%4857% - Unidentified 31
%xt%zm%getDrop%65398%4819% - Undentified 23
%xt%zm%getDrop%40972%4750% - Unidentified 17
%xt%zm%getDrop%167313%4748% - Unidentified 15
%xt%zm%getDrop%167313%4752% - Unidentified 19
%xt%zm%getDrop%167543%4858% - Unidentified 32
%xt%zm%getDrop%61108%4821% - Unidentified 25
%xt%zm%getDrop%683%9439% - This is Definitly A token
%xt%zm%getDrop%683%9440% - This Could be A token
%xt%zm%getDrop%683%9392% - This Might be A token
%xt%zm%getDrop%683%9397% - Token of Vindication
%xt%zm%getDrop%192053%5547% - Ravaged Champion Soul
%xt%zm%getDrop%135823%8891% - Mental Defenses removed
%xt%zm%getDrop%135823%8892% - Whispered laughter
%xt%zm%getDrop%135823%8893% - Piece of dreamglass
%xt%zm%getDrop%7958%312% - Soul Schyte
%xt%zm%getDrop%105%5581% - Viper's Blood
%xt%zm%getDrop%61113%4711% - J6's Secret Hideout map
%xt%zm%getDrop%232642%157% - Dark Hunger
%xt%zm%getDrop%428623%4889% - Combat Trophy
%xt%zm%getDrop%94359%600% - Dwakel Bubble Helm
%xt%zm%getDrop%94359%609% - Oculation Helm
%xt%zm%getDrop%94359%615% - Battery Cell Pack
%xt%zm%getDrop%94359%612% - Spy Bot
%xt%zm%getDrop%94359%601% - Dwakel Sword
%xt%zm%getDrop%30%11247% - Desoloth Warrior Token

That's all for now, I'll update soon ;)

~Abs :D

:D ~ Abs

 Post subject: Re: Packet Spammer Codes
PostPosted: Sun Jun 24, 2012 6:19 am 

Joined: Mon Jun 18, 2012 5:26 am
Posts: 41
I Already Post this On AQW CHEATS&HACKS

Wrong Section this Section is only for PS HEROMASH DRAGONFABLE AND AdventureQuest



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